Immediate information on timetables, availability, etc. for airline flights. Immediate information on availability of auto rentals with more than 50 companies in more than 1000 countries. Information on room availability and hotels bookings in aver 28,500 hotels world-wide. Immediate railway bookings and tickets sales. National and international ferry boat bookings (specified cabin types, sleeping berths, Club Class accomodations and reclining sleeper seats). Complete details regarding descriptions and prices of tours and stay-overs with immediate confirmation of bookings as meli as informations concerning destination. Luxury tour-bus rentals (VCR, TV, mini-bar, telephone, air conditioning) and mini-bus rental for various types of trips and groups: airport transfers, meetings, conferences, excur-sions, vacationtours in ltaly and abroad . Motor boat rentals, with a maximum of 280 seats, for daily or weekend excursions. Theatre and opera tickets. Sports and other events. Information on world-wide weather oonditions. Visa, passport, health and import regulation and informa-tion far all countries world-wide. Chauffeured automobile rentals. Guided city tours.

  • National and international plane/train/ferry tickets
  • Hotelreservations/rent a car
  • Organized journey/cruise for individual and groups
  • Extra service (travel insurance, travel visas, concerts and opera tickets and much more…)
  • Daily excursions by coach and boat
  • Bus and boat rental
  • General information